Diwali sets in early for malls, apparel & lifestyle retailers

Dussehra and Diwali have historically been an occasion for selling full-priced merchandise and most brands refrain from offering discounts on newer collections and products.

post by Priya | 5:38am on 23rd Sep 2022 Friday

Clothing and lifestyle retailers as well as malls said they are seeing a record growth in sales in the past few weeks despite the inauspicious shraadh period, and expect demand at a decadal high during the festive season starting with Navratri next week. "The demand that we are currently seeing is the highest ever since we entered the country and a host of factors, including positive consumer sentiment and fresh merchandise, is driving sales," said Devarajan Iyer, chief executive of Lifestyle International. "We expect festive season sales to be a bumper one this year with strong double-digit growth despite no discounting."