Healthy boy-girl competition prize distribution will be held on October 2

Through the Healthy Child Competition Program, the message is to be given to the public that for the proper physical and mental development of the child, along with a balanced and nutritious diet, cleanliness and growth monitoring of the child are also very important.

post by Sandhya Singh | 4:39pm on 27th Sep 2022 Tuesday

Due to the low immunity of a physically weak child, he will get sick again and again and will be left behind by the children with him. Through this competition, the parents of such children have also been motivated to take special care of the children, whose children are relatively weak.

Various programs of healthy child competition were organized in Uttar Pradesh by the Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India. Healthy child competition was organized at more than 1.8 lakh Anganwadi centers of the state,

this competition was celebrated as a festival / festival at all Anganwadi centers / Child Development Project offices and competitive awareness was brought in the field of health and nutrition in the community. Participation of local public representatives was also received in organizing health boys and girls competition.

After organizing the healthy boy and girl competition, a prize distribution ceremony will be organized at the gram panchayat level on October 2, 2022. At all the Anganwadi centers, the children have been ranked as first, second, third and the parents of the children (especially the mothers) will also be provided certificates.

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